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“A good start for a good return”: MediStart allows applicants to get started with their medical studies without worrying about quotas and waiting periods. And supports you throughout your study abroad so that you can go back home and start your career successfully once you graduate.

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Our Services

MediStart is a leading consultant specialised in the mediation of study places on behalf of students and their parents. Our advisors include renowned professors and experienced Study Consultants with numerous contacts both domestically and abroad.

MediStart helps you on the path to the degree of your choice in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill in the MediStart contract and send it back to us. Your place at a university could already be secured before you have even completed you high school diploma!
  2. Forward all relevant documents to MediStart. MediStart can take care of everything else upon request.
  3. Take part in a MediStart preparation course and admission test. After this you will be sent the study contract from your university of choice, offering you a university place for your studies.

MediStart Study Consultants have deep knowledge of foreign universities, their admission process and their specific requirements as well as local application processes. We make use of our personal contacts on site as well as our experience with the German examination authorities in order to find the best possible path towards a place for the degree and university of your choice. We also organise admission tests on behalf of numerous suitable universities – MediStart brings examiners from foreign universities to you so that you can take the admission test in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf or in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Zurich. In addition, MediStart prepares you for these tests, sometimes by having your examiners become your teachers, thanks to preparation courses that last approx. one week.

We offer advice and support to applicants (and families) from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as other countries, with regards to degrees in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. We help you in:

  • choosing the right university in a different EU country
  • handling your application process and preparing for admission tests
  • starting your degree abroad and, if necessary, returning home.

Thanks to MediStart it is possible to study medicine without only focussing on your high school grades. Our placement success rate is higher than 90 %.
We organise many admission tests in Germany on behalf of our clients, making the application easy, uncomplicated and fair.
Your MediStart Study Consultant will help you select the right university, plan your application and prepare you for the admission test. You will be required to pay our success fee in full after having been accepted for a university place. It is also possible for you to cancel our service for a reduced cancellation fee. Simple, fair and transparent.

“Get there and back again safely”: MediStart takes care of your application, supports you after you have been accepted and monitors your studies abroad in order for you to come back to your home country, either for a transfer or because you have obtained an accredited medical licence.
The medical licences from all MediStart universities are issued by EU countries and thus recognised everywhere in the EU, including Germany and Austria but also Switzerland. If you wish to return to your home country, we help you choose a suitable university where transferring back is possible and plan your degree accordingly. For more on this check out our free information brochure click here!

Next admission test for Autumn 2020: April 2020
Application deadlines in other countries are often set earlier than in Germany. For this reason it is already possible to apply for a degree starting in autumn 2020. This is because an admission test, rather than the grades you achieved in high school, is the decisive factor in being accepted. You can take these tests before having obtained your high school diploma. Please do not wait until you have been turn down by Hochschultstart, TMS, MedAT, Studielink, UCAS etc. Missing documents can always be added to your application at a later time.
The next admission tests for MediStart clients will take place in April 2020 in Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Vienna and Zürich. Dates can be found here.

The costs of studying abroad can usually be broken down as follows:

  • Tuition fees at the foreign university
  • Application fees and expenses
  • MediStart success fee

We will send you an invoice with our full success fee after having obtained a place at a university. You can also terminate our services without providing a reason. In that case you will only be required to pay a reduced cancellation fee. Further expenses may arise, for example for translation, notary or tuition services. Easy, fair and transparent.

Request our free information material now: Click here!

MediStart’s services mainly revolve around advising you in order to boost your chances in submitting a successful application corresponding to local selection processes or to alternatives abroad. We support you in choosing the right foreign university. During the application process we help you compile the application documents on time. We advise and accompany you throughout the later process. If you are interested, we also prepare you for admission tests. Our connections and our experience will help you at the start of your degree as well as upon your return home after a successful transfer to Germany or country of origin.
Our aim is to provide “all-round support” in order for you to be able to start your degree quickly and easily, before transferring back to a university in your home country.

Request our free information material now: Click here!

  • successful: partly a 100 % success rate in the past, e. g. in Nicosia, Wroclaw, Rzeszow, and Vilnius
  • professional: support during the application phase, at the beginning of your studies as well as before your return home
  • considering more than grades: admission tests and preparation courses take into account more than just your high school grades
  • provides options in Germany: medical studies can also be started at the UMCH in Hamburg
  • easy: organised application of all necessary documents
  • fair remuneration: pay our full success fee in case of an admission
  • right to withdraw: in case you are successful in your application via Hochschulstart, as well as cancellation option for any other reason (in this case a reduced cancellation fee will apply)
  • transparent: cancellation for any other reason possible at any time (against a reduced cancellation fee)
  • Collegesemester: in Vienna (Austria) and Hamburg (Germany)
  • comprehensive: on site planning and organisation services (support in finding accommodation, international network of students etc.)
  • on site: support and supervision of your studies (particularly in securing the recognition of the medical licence)
  • high quality: supported by German lawyers specialised in German and European Education Law
  • early admission: admissions for 2020 already possible

“Seize the opportunity to secure a place at a university thanks to MediStart, your fast lane to study medicine. Return home with a fully recognised medical licence. German lawyers contributed to the development of MediStart’s business concept”. D. Naumann zu Grünberg, Attorney-at-Law

Our telephone consultations and our Info Days are free of charge in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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