Bratislava, Slovakia

Medicine and Dentistry in English particularly suitable for candidates with very good knowledge of chemistry because of the extensive scientific entrance test.

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Bratislava, Slovakia

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Comenius University in Bratislava

Subjects: medicine & dentistry (in English)
Application Deadline:
expected in June 2020 (winter semester 2020/21)
Term Start:
expected mid-September 2020
Tuition Fees:
medicine: 4,750 EUR/semester (6 years);
dentistry: 5,500 EUR/semester (6 years)
Information last updated: January 28th, 2020

Study medicine in Bratislava without allowing your average high school grade or waiting time to get in your way. The main criterion for admission comes in the form of a thoroughly challenging admission, for which we prepare you in terms of your knowledge of biology and chemistry. The medical licence is also recognised everywhere in Europe. The degree provided by the University of Bratislava is entirely taught in English and sets itself apart through its intensive support system.

At a later stage of your degree, tuition groups will rarely exceed 15 students – this means direct contact to your professors and tutors. In dentistry there is a 2-to-1 student-tutor ratio, resulting in a tutor taking two students under their wing. Western European students are usually very valued by the university because they reflect well on their international orientation.

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The University
The Comenius University of Bratislava has existed since 1919, making it one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. There are a total of approximately 24,000 students on campus, many of them come from western European countries. The university has 13 faculties, which meet high international standards thanks to its teaching methods and its facilities. The medicine and dentistry degrees have been taught in English for 20 years, a testimony to the fact that the degree can be completed without friction. Out of respect for her academic and political achievements, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was awarded an honorary doctorate from the university in 2014, which she was happy to accept on location. The international focus and significance of the University of Bratislava has led to various prominent guests visiting the campus, including Kofi Annan and the Dalai Lama. Both were also awarded an honorary doctorate.

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Studying in Bratislava
Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and thus a part of the European Union. The low costs of living are of significant interest to international students. Located 70 km away from the Austrian capital of Vienna, you will find traces of different European cultures. It is located near the border triangle to Austria and Hungary and is thus the only capital in the world to border two different neighbouring countries. You will be studying just a 10-minute drive away from Austria. The city skyline is made up of well-preserved historical buildings as well as modern architecture. The climate in Bratislava is the warmest in the country and there is very little rainfall. The Danube and the surrounding park areas provide counterbalancing green areas. Thanks to the Janko Kral Gardens Bratislava boasts one of the oldest parks in Europe.

Requirements and Application pfeil_top

You will not need to have achieved a particular grade point average in high school in order to apply. In addition to the diploma, you will need to pass a scientific admission test. MediStart will provide you with the optimal preparation for this thanks to the MediStart preparation course. Nevertheless, we recommend the university to applicants who chose biology and chemistry in the upper levels of high school and obtained good grades. Of course, MediStart will handle the optimisation of your documents and take care of every step of the application process.

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  • successful: partly a 100 % success rate in the past, e. g. in Nicosia, Wroclaw, Rzeszow, and Vilnius
  • professional: support during the application phase, at the beginning of your studies as well as before your return home
  • considering more than grades: admission tests and preparation courses take into account more than just your high school grades
  • provides options in Germany: medical studies can also be started at the UMCH in Hamburg
  • easy: organised application of all necessary documents
  • fair remuneration: pay our full success fee in case of an admission
  • right to withdraw: in case you are successful in your application via Hochschulstart, as well as cancellation option for any other reason (in this case a reduced cancellation fee will apply)
  • transparent: cancellation for any other reason possible at any time (against a reduced cancellation fee)
  • Collegesemester: in Vienna (Austria) and Hamburg (Germany)
  • comprehensive: on site planning and organisation services (support in finding accommodation, international network of students etc.)
  • on site: support and supervision of your studies (particularly in securing the recognition of the medical licence)
  • high quality: supported by German lawyers specialised in German and European Education Law
  • early admission: admissions for 2020 already possible

“Seize the opportunity to secure a place at a university thanks to MediStart, your fast lane to study medicine. Return home with a fully recognised medical licence. German lawyers contributed to the development of MediStart’s business concept”. D. Naumann zu Grünberg, Attorney-at-Law

Our telephone consultations and our Info Days are free of charge in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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