Hamburg, Germany

The private medical campus UMCH is a subsidiary of the public university UMFST in Targu Mures. As of October 2019, 150 students a year can study medicine in Hamburg, Germany. The campus is larger than 4,000 square metres and located in Hamburg – one of the most popular cities among students.

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Hamburg, Germany

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Study Medicine in Hamburg

Subjects: medicine (in English), German teaching hospitals
Application Deadline:
August 2020 (winter semester 2020/21)
Term Start:
expected in October 2020
Tuition Fees:
medicine: 12,500 EUR/semester (6 years) (1st and 2nd year); later 14,000 EUR/semester (3rd to 6th year), one-time admission fee of 3,500 EUR
Information last updated: November 14th, 2019 

You can start studying medicine at the German campus of the University for Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Targu Mures (UMFST) regardless of any waiting period or of the average grade you achieved when graduating from high school. As of autumn 2019 it will become possible to study medicine in English at the UMCH in Hamburg in cooperation with German teaching hospitals.
The degree starts every winter semester and lasts six years. The practical components of the degree take place at teaching hospitals in various regions of Germany for students in their 3rd year. The admission process involves a written test and an interview, both of which MediStart, as the UMCH’s official partner, helps you prepare optimally.

Starting in February, it will also be possible for MediStart applicants to take part in a Collegesemester in Hamburg. They have the chance to fill gaps in their knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics while preclinical fields are prepared. The MediStart-Collegesemester also trains you intensively in using English terminology and in successfully completing the application process. Not only are the courses taught in the classrooms of the medical campus, they are also taught amongst others by its teaching staff. In addition, you will get to know future professors and fellow students in the first year of their degrees. Further information regarding the Collegesemester starting on 10 February 2020 can be found at

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The University for Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Targu Mures (UMFST Targu Mures) is a public medical university located in the Romanian town of Targu Mures in Transylvania. It is Romania’s largest medical university with its 11,000 international students and boasts many years of experience with the medical degree in English. Besides acquiring specific technical knowledge and skills for their future careers, students are taught to think independently and to solve problems competently.
The UMCH, the German campus of this university with a long tradition, also provides you with world-class medical training. Modern equipment and innovative teaching methods set up a degree that adheres to international standards and combines theory with practice early on. An excellent tutor-student ratio is guaranteed thanks to small tuition groups. The UMCH puts special emphasis on a positive studying atmosphere: You will be able to study within a performance-oriented environment without any negative pressure and without any fake competition. The tutors maintain close contact to their students and promote their individual strengths. The UMCH is located directly in Hamburg and can be reached by car or public transport easily.
The UMCH medical campus also plays host to the MediStart-Collegesemester from 10 February 2020 for those applicants who still wish to fill any gaps in the knowledge they acquired at school, before starting their studies in autumn 2020.

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Hamburg’s 1,8 million residents make it Germany’s second largest city, after Berlin. It certainly offers one of the best qualities of life in the world. The city is famous for acting as a hub to media and start-up companies, as well as for remaining one of Germany’s most significant research centres. Hamburg’s economic and scientific influence make it an ideal location for your medical studies. In addition, Hamburg is well-connected to all major cities in Germany and Europe. The city is easily accessible from all directions, whether you are travelling by bus, train, car, or airplane. Hamburg also has much to offer in terms of culture and architecture: The historical “Speicherstadt”, a storage business district belonging to the old harbour, and the “Kontorhaus District”, are both already listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and make for a beautiful contrast to the modern “Hafencity” and its flagship monument: the “Elbphilharmonie”. Countless canals, watercourses and bridges contribute to the city’s particular charm. Hamburg is a capital for musicals, concerts and theatre productions and offers a diverse student life. There are virtually no limits to how you can structure your free time.

Interview, Evaluation and Preparation pfeil_top

In order to be accepted at the UMCH you will need to hold a high school diploma (Abitur, Matura, IB, A-levels etc.). Your average grade upon graduation will not play a role. Even if you obtain your high school diploma in 2020, applying now is already possible and recommended. You will have the possibility of taking part in the admission process before having graduated. The university allocates study places on the basis of a written evaluation of your knowledge (basic biology,  basic chemistry, common knowledge, 20 % each) and an interview worth 40 %. In order to be accepted, you will need to achieve an overall score of 60 %.

Our Study Consultants optimise your application documents and prepare you specifically for the admission process. Since the university accepted the first students in October 2019 for the next semester starting in October 2020, it makes sense to take part in the process as early as possible.

Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) Student Loan pfeil_top

It is particularly easy to fund your studies at the new private medical campus in Hamburg: The Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) offers loans for a degree at the UMCH. It is mostly used as a partial funding and can be used to cover the MediStart success fee. You can apply for the Haspa loan during your application – the procedure is uncomplicated and only requires the parents to act as guarantors, as well as the credit check to come back “clean”.

The Kompetenz-Center Heilberufe at the Hamburger Sparkasse is a bank division specialised in providing services to individuals employed in the medical branch and offers students of the UMCH the opportunity to take out a low-interest loan for the duration of their studies in Germany. You will have the possibility of choosing the value of the loan that you wish to take out. Loans of up to 100,000 € only require a simplified application procedure. Having your tuition fees funded provides you with flexibility and is determined according to your own personal situation.

  • The student loan is adapted to the respective needs of the student and is divided into three phases:
    Loan payment phase during all six years of the degree
  • Optional resting phase (in which only interests are paid) of maximum 2 years
  • Loan reimbursement phase of maximum 10 years, during which the student loan is repaid through individually agreed monthly instalments.

The student loan rests throughout the duration of your degree. This allows you to concentrate fully on your medical studies without having to deal with any financial concerns. You will only be required to start reimbursing the loan after you have finished your degree and have started your career. The reimbursement phase is adapted to each student individually.

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  • successful: partly a 100 % success rate in the past, e. g. in Nicosia, Wroclaw, Rzeszow and Vilnius
  • professional: support during the application phase, at the beginning of your studies as well as before your return home
  • considering more than grades: admission tests and preparation courses take into account more than just your high school grades
  • provides options in Germany: medical studies can also be started at the UMCH in Hamburg
  • easy: organised application of all necessary documents
  • fair remuneration: only pay our success fee in case of an admission
  • right to withdraw free of charge: in case of acceptance by another university through a public application system (e. g. Hochschulstart, studielink, UCAS etc.) during the application process
  • transparent: cancellation for any other reason possible at any time (against a reduced cancellation fee)
  • Collegesemester: in Vienna (Austria) and Hamburg (Germany)
  • comprehensive: on site planning and organisation services (support in finding accommodation, international network of students etc.)
  • on site: support and supervision of your studies (particularly in securing the recognition of the medical licence)
  • high quality: supported by German lawyers specialised in German and European Education Law
  • early admission: admissions for 2020 already possible

“Seize the opportunity to secure a place at a university thanks to MediStart, your fast lane to study medicine. Return home with a fully recognised medical licence. German lawyers contributed to the development of MediStart’s business concept”. D. Naumann zu Grünberg, Attorney-at-Law

Our telephone consultations and our Info Days are free of charge in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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