Targu Mures, Romania

The University of Medicine in Targu Mures is one of the leading medical faculties in Romania. The medical degree is characterised by the responsibility and respect within the medical profession, an effective communication between doctors and patients, teamwork and diversity.

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Targu Mures, Romania

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Study Medicine in Targu Mures

Subjects: medicine and dentistry (in English)
Application Deadline:
expected in July 2020 (winter semester 2020/21), early approval procedure expected until the end of March 2020 highly recommended
Term Start: 
expected in October 2020
Tuition Fees:
medicine: 3,000 EUR/semester (6 years);
dentistry: 3,000 EUR/semester (6 years)
Information last updated: November 14th, 2019

At the UMF Targu Mures, you can complete your studies in medicine without Numerus Clausus or wait times. The structure of the respective study programs is adapted to the common European study system, meaning the license obtained in Romania is fully recognized throughout Europe and in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. International students study with fellow students from all over Europe, especially from Great Britain, Scandinavia and Germany. The study programs in medicine and in dentistry is taught entirely in English and last six years.

University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu Mures pfeil_top

The Medical Faculty of Targu Mures is one of the leading facilities in Romania dealing with the training of doctors and dentists, as well as research within the field.

Studying in Targu Mures pfeil_top

Targu Mures is located on the river Mures in the common settlement area of Transylvanian Saxons, Hungarians and Romanians. The surrounding area, the famous Transylvania, is characterized by mountains and forests. In addition to lakes, streams and rivers, there are also underground waters that are particularly appealing to tourists.

Targu Mures is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Magyar region in Transylvania. It is also a university town and an economic centre. On the radio, as well as at many public buildings such as the zoo, signs are printed in the three most common languages: German, Hungarian and Romanian. The area has been inhabited by these three groups for more than a thousand years. The university, along with six colleges including one for theatre studies, has many cultural institutions and museums. The Galerie Art Nouveau houses a concert hall, an art gallery and Showrooms.

Medical studies in Targu Mures are characterized by responsibility and respect for the profession as well as effective communication between doctor and patient. The university also focuses on teamwork and diversity.

Moreover, the university is extremely modernly equipped. It has a new simulation centre in order to simulate real-life treatments, as well as a newly opened research centre

In addition, students can take advantage of the university’s extensive sports facilities and programs at any time, e.g. its tennis courts, football fields and a modern swimming pool.

Prerequisites and Applications pfeil_top

The university selects applicants based upon several factors. For a successful application, a high school diploma, a letter of motivation and a letter of recommendation are required. In addition, a motivation-interview is required. It is important to structure your letter of motivation in accordance with the requirements of the university. Take advantage of MediStart’s experience. The motivation-interview can be completed via Skype from home. You will be coached by MediStart accordingly. Moreover, it is possible to obtain admission as part of an early-bird process, starting on the 1st of March to the 31st.

Volunteer work, extra curricular activites and an English certificate can all have a positive impact on your admission decision. The MediStart Study Advisors will prepare you for the Skype interview with valuable tips to give you the best chance of success. Other documents are collected together with the MediStart advisor.

Testing and Preparation pfeil_top

Neither a specific high school diploma grade nor a special entrance examination is required to study at the University of Targu Mures. However, the letter of motivation, your general high school grades, especially in the natural sciences, will have a significant impact on your admission. Therefore, we support you in your preparation, using our experiential knowledge of the procedures. If you successfully qualify, you will be integrated into campus life during the orientation week.

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  • successful: partly a 100 % success rate in the past, e. g. in Nicosia, Wroclaw, Rzeszow and Vilnius
  • professional: support during the application phase, at the beginning of your studies as well as before your return home
  • considering more than grades: admission tests and preparation courses take into account more than just your high school grades
  • provides options in Germany: medical studies can also be started at the UMCH in Hamburg
  • easy: organised application of all necessary documents
  • fair remuneration: only pay our success fee in case of an admission
  • right to withdraw free of charge: in case of acceptance by another university through a public application system (e. g. Hochschulstart, studielink, UCAS etc.) during the application process
  • transparent: cancellation for any other reason possible at any time (against a reduced cancellation fee)
  • Collegesemester: in Vienna (Austria) and Hamburg (Germany)
  • comprehensive: on site planning and organisation services (support in finding accommodation, international network of students etc.)
  • on site: support and supervision of your studies (particularly in securing the recognition of the medical licence)
  • high quality: supported by German lawyers specialised in German and European Education Law
  • early admission: admissions for 2020 already possible

“Seize the opportunity to secure a place at a university thanks to MediStart, your fast lane to study medicine. Return home with a fully recognised medical licence. German lawyers contributed to the development of MediStart’s business concept”. D. Naumann zu Grünberg, Attorney-at-Law

Our telephone consultations and our Info Days are free of charge in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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