Wroclaw, Poland

Medicine and Dentistry in English for over 10 years. Study in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and come back with a license as a doctor or dentist.

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Wroclaw, Poland

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Medical degrees in Wroclaw (Poland)

Subjects:  medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine (in English, practical experiences during the degree in medicine is also partly available in German)
Application deadline:
expected in July 2020 (winter semester 2020/21)
Term Start:
expected in October 2020
Tuition Fees:
medicine: 5,850 EUR/semester (6 years)
dentistry: 6,900 EUR/semester (5 years)
veterinary medicine: 4,100 EUR/semester (5 years)
Information last updated: November 14th, 2019

Many students from Germany, England and the Netherlands choose this university. The Medical University of Wroclaw (UMED) is one of Poland’s biggest universities and has access to the best technology and renowned lecturers. Here you will have access to a high-level degree in English and benefit from 300 years of medical history. Furthermore, admission is decided by a committee. So far, all MediStart applicants to Wroclaw obtained a place to study medicine or dentistry. We are particularly proud of this 100 % success rate. Under certain circumstances it is even possible to organise your studies in such a way that you can transfer back to an equivalent year in your home country.

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As a traditional university with a 300-year-old history the Medical University of Wroclaw boasts an impressive historical background. The university is at the forefront of new methods of treatment and operation. Only recently it invested in a highly modern simulation centre, in which students are given valuable practical training. The students are then given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities as a team during international simulation competitions. The Faculty for Medicine values international exchanges. Furthermore, the share of practical aspects of the degree is growing: after their first year, students are required to spend one month of each year in clinical training – this includes time at German teaching hospitals in Görlitz and Berlin.

The degree started being taught in 2003. The offer is popular – particularly among Swedes, Canadians and Germans. The experience reports from our successful applicants confirm: students receive intensive support in terms of professional training and of organising their daily lives at the university.

The degree at the Faculty of Dentistry lasts five years. After their first year, students are required to spend one month per year in outpatient training, in which they apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical environment. The Faculty of Dentistry has been educating dentists for the past 60 years. Many of them complete the degree with the highest grades.

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Wroclaw is only located 170km from Germany – this is a place where German students can study close to home and even travel home every now and then to see their friends and family. Wroclaw offers easy and fast access to Germany via motorways, trains and airports. Wroclaw was named European Capital of Culture in 2016. The city is known as the “Flower of Europe” for its beauty and looks back on 1.000 years of history. There was a time where Wroclaw was a German city, the third largest after Berlin and Hamburg. One in six of the 650,000 inhabitants are students. Wroclaw was and still remains a centre for education as well as for medicine. Experts from many different fields fill modern buildings spread out among the baroque constructions. The city radiates international significance particularly in terms of medical education. An attractive location in a modern environment for comparably low costs of living.

Wroclaw attracts tourists with its Centennial Hall, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as with more than 100 bridges that cross the River Oder. Even today synagogues and churches shape the everyday life. The twin peaks of the medieval cathedral symbolically reach for the skies. From quiet squares and parks to the hustle and bustle of the old town – Wroclaw has much to offer. There is plenty of entertainment from opera performances to football games at the new stadium. Wroclaw was the hometown of Nobel Prize laureates such as Gerhart Hauptmann and Paul Ehrlich, while Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Frederic Chopin were honourable guests.

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Instead of one big admission test, a committee decides whether to offer you a place at the university. Thanks to our years of experience we know what this kind of application process is based on and we treat your application accordingly. If necessary we can increase your chances further with practical placements or other certificates. The MediStart consultant helps you with the application process. In 2017 and 2018 we succeeded in successfully providing all of our MediStart applicants to Wroclaw with a place at the university. Early applications are recommended.

Warning against other German providers:

On “https://www.ed.umed.wroc.pl/medicine-our-recruiters” the Medical University of Wroclaw has declared that “it does not work with Hendrik Loll’s ‘Studimed’ based in Cologne and has also stopped working with Markus Wrase’s ‘German Student Office’ company based in Berlin”. However, these companies both still claim they can offer you a study place in Wroclaw. According to the university’s declaration, we are their only partner in Germany.

If you have signed a contract with “Studimed” or with the “German Student Office”, please let us know at info@medistart.de. We will attempt to help you.

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  • successful: partly a 100 % success rate in the past, e. g. in Nicosia, Wroclaw, Rzeszow and Vilnius
  • professional: support during the application phase, at the beginning of your studies as well as before your return home
  • considering more than grades: admission tests and preparation courses take into account more than just your high school grades
  • provides options in Germany: medical studies can also be started at the UMCH in Hamburg
  • easy: organised application of all necessary documents
  • fair remuneration: only pay our success fee in case of an admission
  • right to withdraw free of charge: in case of acceptance by another university through a public application system (e. g. Hochschulstart, studielink, UCAS etc.) during the application process
  • transparent: cancellation for any other reason possible at any time (against a reduced cancellation fee)
  • Collegesemester: in Vienna (Austria) and Hamburg (Germany)
  • comprehensive: on site planning and organisation services (support in finding accommodation, international network of students etc.)
  • on site: support and supervision of your studies (particularly in securing the recognition of the medical licence)
  • high quality: supported by German lawyers specialised in German and European Education Law
  • early admission: admissions for 2020 already possible

“Seize the opportunity to secure a place at a university thanks to MediStart, your fast lane to study medicine. Return home with a fully recognised medical licence. German lawyers contributed to the development of MediStart’s business concept”. D. Naumann zu Grünberg, Attorney-at-Law

Our telephone consultations and our Info Days are free of charge in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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